I am not only a credited (Certificate IV - Companion Animal Services (Pet Grooming)*) and experienced Pet Groomer, but I am a devoted Pet Lover too! Each pet that comes into my care comes into my heart - there is rarely a difficult pet in my care, we have a truely happy time together, although when there is I overcome the difficult situation with love and understanding.

My mission is to provide humane handling of all animals in my care, whilst providing a professional grooming service.
I want to set an example to the grooming industry of a highly skilled, ethical and dedicated pet groomer.
A Holistic approach is taken in all facets of pet needs encompassing client, community, and environmental concerns. If your unsure what this means, when I groom a pet, I don't just treat it's 'part', but as a 'whole', meaning i'm treating it's intellectual, emotional as well as it's physical self.

Servicing Inner Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, to Outer Eastern regions, and into the Yarra Valley, I am a professional mobile pet groomer who has experience in all breeds and styles. I am also one who strives for perfection in all my work.

I have a real love for animals and they respond to me in a very positive way. I have personally cared for many different species of animals. I have a vast experience handling large and difficult small animals (particulary dogs) and I handle them with kindness and patience. I also have an extensive knowledge of animal health and behaviour and am skilled in pet grooming (including dogs, cats, and rabbits)

I have developed my business as a mainly mobile service. I believe most pets feel safer and more secure in their own home environment, not being intimidated by other animals or surroundings in a strange salon. I do not work in my van on the street, but within the clients property, there, I endeavour to create a lasting trusting relationship with my clients and their pets. My clients are encouraged wherever possible to participate in the grooming proceedure. Any grooming residue is always removed and the property is left in a clean state. See testimonials attesting to this.

I also specialise in helping older, ill or disabled people and busy families who have companion animals and may have difficulties caring for their pet/s.

The latest high tech equipment is used to minimize any discomfort to your pet.
Only the highest quality natural products are used on your pets.

* Certificate IV - Companion Animal Services (Pet Grooming), includes all breed clips, complete knowledge of preparation to completion of the grooming of all companion animals.
Also Identification of behavioural, health and dietary issues for each companion species.

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