Health Check: Ears checked for sickness or disease; eye surround checked for any abnormalities; nails checked for splitting, breakage, or deformity; teeth check for disease or breakage; foot pad signs of any cuts, cracking, foreign bodies or abrasions; sanitary areas and groin checked for discharge or disease ; anal glands checked and owner informed if drainage necessary; nose checked for visable signs of allergy or disease; parasites i.e fleas, ticks, mites, worms; skin and coat allergy, loss of hair, dandruff etc.; temperament behavioural e.g biting, fear, barking, growling etc.

Stripping: Removing loose hair and old undercoat removed on double-coated dogs, cats or rabbits.

De-Matting: Removal of all knots and tangles prior to bathing

Trimming: A general clean up of the face, eye area, under belly, feet and backside

Clipping: A partial or full body cut with electric clippers, leaving a selected even length on the body.

Extension: A full body cut, extended comb is placed on the blade of the clippers to give the dogs coat a longer length.

Scissoring: Trimming, shaping and blending the body coat by hand.

Hand Stripping: More effort, but retains the lovely salt & pepper, or glistening black colour and the harsh dirt repelling texture, achieved by using a stripping comb resembling a serated steak knife, which would be lost when using a clipping machine.

Washing: Deep washing with continuous heated water that is not being reticulated. herbal shampoos and conditioners to release the dirt dander, and loose hair from the pet. Appropriate products are used on animals with allergies

High Velocity Drying: High powered dual motor dryer which removes water, loose hair and dander as the pet is being dried, at the same time providing a stimulating massage. It is also a great way to remove dead hair from a double coated pets in a kind way, prior to washing. Especially appreciated by old or sick pets, as it lessens the need to hand brush and comb matts, knots, and undercoat. services banner
Included in the grooming service, the following services are provided at no extra charge

- Flea Treatment (When necessary and pre-arranged with client),
- Nail Trimming,
- Ear Plucking,
- Eye Surround Cleaning,
- Body Cologne

Special Holistic Service: Homoeopathic, Herbal, Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy.

* All pets health information is obtained prior to beginning a service e.g. allergies, heart condition, deafness, diabetic, epileptic etc. This information is recorded on a database, and includes name, telephone number and address of clients vet, in case of emergency.

All these services are provided for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and all companion animals. Appointments are always necessary.

*** Clients are informed of any issues or concerns not previously discussed before the groom that were found during the health check.

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